How to develop the German foreign trade market?

For Chinese export companies, the German market has a lot of foreign trade space and is worth developing. Recommendations for customer development channels in the German market: 1. German exhibitions used to be very popular with German companies, but recently, the epidemic has been serious, and most of the exhibitions have been stopped.


Although “Made in Germany” is very competitive in the international market, many domestic products still need to rely on imports, such as: motors, electrical, audio and video equipment and their parts, mechanical appliances and parts, clothing and clothing accessories, furniture, bedding , lamps, fabric products, optics, photography, medical equipment and parts, etc.

For Chinese export companies, the German market has a lot of foreign trade space and is worth developing.

Recommended channels for customer development in the German market:

1. German exhibition

In the past, exhibitions were very popular with German companies, but the recent epidemic has caused most of the exhibitions to be stopped. But if you want to develop German customers in the future, it is very necessary to participate in German exhibitions. Germany has a wealth of exhibition resources, and almost every federal state has well-known exhibitions, such as: Hessen state, Frankfurt exhibition ISH, Bayer state Munich exhibition Baumesse, Nordrhein-Westfallen state Cologne exhibition and so on. The prices of German exhibitions are generally not cheap. You must do your homework before going to the exhibition to maximize the investment income of the exhibition. There are some precautions about the German exhibition on the Internet, you can learn more about it. In addition, to pay attention to the global exhibition trends, you can click this website to view:

2. German B2B website

Speaking of foreign trade B2B platforms, everyone will think of alibaba, made in china, etc. These are domestic B2B websites that are relatively well-known abroad. Most of the companies are located here, but the competition on these platforms is too fierce. For customers, the local B2B platform has more advantages.

Recommend several well-known German B2B platforms: Industrystock, go4worldbusiness, exportpages, etc. You can publish products on it, get keyword rankings, and get active inquiries from customers; you can also change your thinking, search for keywords on it, and actively find relevant potential customers.

3. German Yellow Pages and Associations

There are many Yellow Pages websites in Germany, and there are special association websites in many industries. Some association websites also disclose the contact information of members, so that you can find some potential customers to contact them. You can use a local search engine to search for local yellow pages and associations.

Fourth, do business with Germans, pay attention to the following matters:

1. Germans are very cautious in doing things. Communication and negotiation with them must be rigorous and thoughtful. It is best to use data to speak.

2. Germany is a country with a typical contract spirit. In the formulation and signing of contracts, careful consideration must be given to prevent the emergence of various revision problems in the later period.

3. European and American customers have high requirements for quality, which should be known to everyone, so we must do a good job of product quality.

4. German customers attach great importance to the efficiency of the supplier’s work and pay attention to details. Therefore, in the process of later trade negotiations or cargo transportation and product delivery, we must pay attention to the timeliness, and pay attention to all aspects of trade from cooperation to transaction. Effective tracking and timely feedback to them.

5. Germans generally believe that evening is the time for family reunion, so when doing business with Germans, you should pay attention to the timing and try to avoid the evening.

6. German merchants attach great importance to third-party certification, so if they focus on the German market, they can do certification from German or EU institutions. If there are other German buyers’ comments, they can also provide them, which is very convincing.

Post time: Aug-29-2022

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