• Sample Checking

    TTS sample checking service mainly includes Quantity check: check the quantity of finished goods to be manufactured Workmanship Check: check the degree of skill and the quality of materials and finished product based on a design Style, Color & Documentation: check whether the product sty...
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  • Quality Control Inspections

    TTS quality control inspections verify product quality and quantity to predetermined specifications. The decrease in product life cycles and time-to-market increases the challenge to deliver quality products in a timely manner. When your product fails to meet your quality specifications for marke...
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  • Pre-Shipment Inspection

    Introduction to Customs Union CU-TR Certification The Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is one of many types of quality control inspections conducted by TTS. It is an important step in the quality control process and is the method for checking the quality of goods before they are shipped. Pre-sh...
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  • Pre-Production Inspection

    The Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) is a type of quality control inspection conducted before the production process begins to assess the quantity and quality of the raw materials and components, and whether they are in conformity with product specifications. A PPI could be beneficial when you wor...
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  • Piece By Piece Inspection

    A piece by piece inspection is a service provided by TTS which entails checking each and every item to evaluate a range of variables. Those variables can may be general appearance, workmanship, function, safety etc., or may be specified by the customer, using their own desired specification check...
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  • Metal Detection

    Needle detection is an essential quality assurance requirement for the garment industry, which detects whether there are needle fragments or undesirable metallic substances embedded in garments or textile accessories during the manufacturing and sewing process, that may cause injury or harm to en...
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  • Loading and Unloading Inspections

    Container Loading and Unloading Inspections Container Loading and unloading Inspections service guarantees that TTS technical staff are monitoring the entire loading and unloading process. Wherever your products are loaded or shipped to, our inspectors are able to supervise the whole contain...
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  • During Production Inspection

    During Production Inspection (DPI) or otherwise known as DUPRO, is a quality control inspection conducted while production is underway, and is especially good for products that are in continuous production, that have strict requirements for on-time shipments and as a follow-up when quality issues...
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