• Social Compliance Audits

    TTS provides a rational and cost effective solution to avoid social compliance issues with our Social Compliance Audit or ethical audit service. Employing a multi pronged approach using proven investigative techniques to gather and corroborate factory information, our native language auditors con...
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  • Food Safety Audit

    Retail Hygiene Audits Our typical food hygiene audit includes a detailed assessment of Organizational structure Documentation, monitoring and records Cleaning regime Personnel management Supervision, instruction and/or training Equipment and facilities Food display Emergency procedures ...
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  • Factory and Supplier Audits

    Third Party Factory and Supplier Audits In today’s highly competitive market, it is imperative that you build a vendor base of partners that will meet all aspects of your production needs, from design and quality, to product delivery requirements. Comprehensive evaluation through factory aud...
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  • Building Safety and Structural Audits

    Building safety audits aim to analyze the integrity and safety of your commercial or industrial buildings and premises and identify and solve building safety related risks, helping you ensure appropriate working conditions throughout your supply chain and confirm compliance with international saf...
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