How to promote overseas in 2023? Do you really understand?

When it comes to how to do overseas promotion, the vast majority of foreign trade partners can say something, but most of them know a little about promotion system knowledge and have not built a systematic knowledge framework. 

 In 2023, enterprises must understand the three major trends of foreign trade promotion: Google promotion + independent website + social media marketing

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Several steps of overseas promotion

1Set strategy

Before doing overseas promotion, we need to formulate a marketing strategy and define who our target customers are? What are the means of marketing? Is it possible to calculate the ROI and so on. When formulating a strategy, you can think about the following questions: Who are the users who really pay for your products and services? What is your goal? How much traffic per day or how many inquiries per day? How do you attract your users? What methods and channels do your customers generally use to find the services and products you provide? How much manpower and money do you intend to invest in the marketing program?

2Foreign Trade Station

There are many foreign trade website construction companies, but a large part of them are fake. The foreign trade website can be said to be an important cornerstone in these steps, and all promotion and marketing methods will revolve around a truly qualified English foreign trade website. If the foreign trade company is stuck at this step, then the subsequent work will naturally not be able to start. You can look at the following website construction strategies: clarify the goal of the website, and the whole station will start around this goal. Go to the Chinese style, and conform to the aesthetics of overseas users in terms of font, design, color, and layout. Excellent copywriting, really good copywriting can stimulate users to complete your goals, and that is the minimum if there are no grammatical errors. Perfect user experience. The website can have a certain conversion rate. If there is no inquiry for every 500 IPs, there will be problems with your website. Compliant with search engine optimization standards.

3Get traffic

With a strategy and a website, the next step is to attract people to come in. With enough effective traffic, inquiries and orders will be generated, and finally cash flow will be generated. There are many ways to obtain traffic. We mainly look at the four main methods suitable for the foreign trade industry: SEO traffic is mainly divided into four steps: formulate primary and secondary keywords, optimize corresponding webpages according to keywords, regularly increase webpage content, increase Related external links. PPC traffic mainly refers to paid traffic. The traffic and keywords that the website’s own SEO can bring are limited, and using paid advertisements to expand more traffic is a good supplement to SEO. The content of corporate blogs is limited, and the things that can be introduced are also limited, while corporate blogs can increase the content of the website, create more keywords and included pages. Social network traffic is an indispensable channel for the promotion of English websites. Connect your corporate blog and social networking sites, accumulate fans and circles on social networking sites, and answer user questions on social networking sites. For some brief The information can be published through social networking sites. For foreign trade B2B and B2C websites, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Quora can all bring traffic.

4Improve inquiry conversion rate

With the website traffic, the following question is how to turn the traffic into inquiries. Well, for general foreign trade websites, it is unrealistic to have tens of thousands of traffic every day, so how to convert the few traffic into customer inquiries to the greatest extent is very important. First of all, you need to segment your traffic users. After all, each user who comes to your website has different needs, so segmenting and marketing accordingly is the key. The users of your website can be roughly divided into: users who do not realize that they have needs. Aware of a need, but not intending to address it. Aware of the need, intend to solve it. Aware of needs, comparing suppliers. Then, can your foreign trade website distinguish these users, whether there are corresponding landing pages for users with different needs, whether there is a clear call to action, and whether user information is collected? At least I have seen that most of the websites do not have the function of high conversion rate, more like a display window without sales staff. 

5Convert Inquiry to Sales

The three steps of a transaction on the Internet are nothing more than “traffic-inquiry-sales”, each link is very important, but for most foreign trade B2B, the time from inquiry to sales will be longer than that of B2C A lot, after all, B2B orders are quoted by container, so customer relationship maintenance, sales skills and professional level are all elements of success. So from the perspective of network marketing, you need to at least do: whether customers at different stages have different words and marketing strategies. Is there permission for email marketing to maintain customer relationships. For companies with CRM, whether customer information is perfect and subdivided. Whether the Leads table on the website is subdivided and provides options for customers, such as country distinction and product demand distinction.

6Data analysis

Data analysis is a very interesting job, but not everyone likes to deal with data. If you are a type C personality or someone with this type of personality in your team, then it should be easy for them to complete this job Yes, the data you need to know includes Traffic to lead, Leads to Client, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Client. When you know these data clearly, you will know your marketing direction. At the same time, each link in the above five steps can list the corresponding data measurement standards. For example, if you place paid advertisements on Inquiry Cloud, you can independently check the display of products, click-through rate, customer distribution and other reports through the background to grasp the cost. In this way, we can clearly know where the focus of marketing should be placed and what to do next. Overseas promotion is a proposition with no standard answer. It has many answers. Of course, you can also find another way, and you may be able to find a different path to success. But no matter which method is used, it is the most basic to do the above six processes well.

Ways of overseas promotion

In addition, different companies will adopt different promotion methods according to their own conditions. Here are several promotion methods:

1Artificial free promotion

Register a user name on the international B2B, B2C platform, foreign trade network, domestic and foreign foreign trade forums, and then publish product information, website information, foreign blogs, or publish product information, website information in some free forums, or search online Buyer information can also be promoted for free through emails. Of course, customer emails need to be found by some large platforms now. Advantages: Free, no need to spend money at all, do it yourself (DIY). Disadvantages: The effect is actually not obvious, and if it is SOHO, it is a waste of manpower and material resources. It is more suitable for those who are just starting out and really have no money to invest in foreign trade retail promotion. If you are doing foreign trade retail, small business, and you don’t have much capital, you should use bidding ranking combined with manual promotion at the beginning, because the cost is controllable and the effect is good; if you have financial strength, you can do it from the beginning Combining SEO and PPC, the effect will be considerable after 2 months. 

2Platform Paid Promotion You can pay for promotion on B2B and B2C platforms. Advantages: The promotion is relatively targeted, and foreign buyers on the platform have obvious intentions, strong pertinence, and strong desire to buy, providing a fixed platform for traditional industry products. The effect is good, but can be gradually reduced. Disadvantages: Expensive, usually at least tens of thousands of yuan for a year of platform promotion; it is best to have a dedicated person to operate, with the least consumption to achieve the maximum effect.

3Search engine promotion

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) has recently emerged and is a popular way of network promotion. According to statistics, 63% of customers look for products and services through search engines. (1) Search engine PPC (Payper Click) advertising Search engine bidding advertising is Google advertising, Yahoo promotion, a foreign trade retail promotion method chosen by many merchants. Advantages: quick results, high target coverage, strong pertinence, wide range, full-line product promotion, flexible and changeable forms, controllable costs, and high return on investment. Disadvantages: The price is also expensive, and customers in some areas do not believe in PPC (there is some resistance to advertising), and some industry keywords cannot be used for PPC, and the effect is only in the promotion stage. (2) Search engine optimization (SEO) is keyword ranking, including website optimization structure, keyword optimization ranking, etc., and is the optimization of the natural ranking of search engines. Increase search engine friendliness and keyword exposure to achieve the purpose of increasing orders and sales. Advantages: natural ranking, increased website trust, high probability of customer orders; wide coverage, the overall cost investment is not too high compared with several payment methods; the effect is sustainable, even if you only do one year of SEO, the second year If you don’t do it, there is still a lot of effect, and the return on investment is high. Disadvantages: There are a lot of SEO promotions now, the SEO market is already in chaos, and many Party B companies disrupt the market by cheating and cheating, causing merchants to suffer losses and distrust SEO, and have fear; the effective time is relatively long, and formal methods Generally, it takes 1.5 months to 2.5 months. The initial cost is high, and the merchants cannot see the effect in a short period of time, which makes many merchants discouraged.

All kinds of promotion methods have disadvantages and merits. The key depends on which promotion method or combinations are suitable for foreign trade enterprises, and which method can achieve the greatest effect with the lowest investment!


Post time: Nov-28-2022

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