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Industrial Quality Assurance Services

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Our industrial products and manufacturing services team continues to introduce new technology and service innovation while providing efficient, rigorous, independent and impartial tailor-made services. TTS provides a range of quality services according to relevant domestic and international regulations and standards.

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Energy & Power Plant

Asia is a major market for energy production power plants and related support infrastructure. Some of the product category areas we cover include power transmission and transformation engineering equipment, thermal power station equipment, wind power station equipment, photovoltaic power station equipment, hydropower station and metal structure, as well as much more.

Gas, Oil & Chemicals

Some of the product category areas we cater for in gas, oil and chemicals include oil and gas drilling equipment, offshore oil exploitation facilities, ground processing equipment, surface gathering and transportation pipeline, oil refining, chemical industries, ethylene, fertiliser, and more.

Industrial Plants & Machinery

TTS machinery quality control engineers and technical staff are experienced in quality control for machinery including inspections and testing, heavy equipment, industrial plants, mining, transportation and heavy construction. We go above and beyond when it comes to machinery production, safety, operations, maintenance and shipping.

Construction Equipment & Materials

Quality assurance and quality control services from TTS give you confidence in the quality of all materials, components and equipment utilised in the construction industry and ensure compliance with all relevant quality standards and regulations.
Whatever your related business, we partner with you to develop a customised quality assurance programme aligned with your supply chain strategies.

The Quality Control Company You Can Trust

TTS has been in the quality assurance business for more than 10 years. Our services can equip you with the information you need when buying equipment for installation in Asia factories or before shipping to other locations around the globe. Get in touch today.

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