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Construction Equipment & Materials Inspections

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Quality assurance and quality control services from TTS gives you confidence in the quality of all materials, components and equipment utilized in the construction industry and ensure they comply with all relevant quality standards and regulations.

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Our services to the industry include quality control inspections and testing of parts, materials, and final products through independent checks, audits of suppliers and manufacturers, inspections and functional tests, technical documentation, dimensional measurements, CE mark verification, loading supervision and relevant chemical testing where required under regulatory guidelines.

HVAC bathing, building hardware, building trim and components, doors, windows and glass and different kinds of building material

Our Services include

Project inspection service

– Raw materials and components
– Structural assessment
– Steel structure assembly
– Indoor environmental
– Wall structural
– Outdoor wall structural

Construction Projects Supervision

– Basic project
– Major structures
– Major part
– Major procedure
– Worker supervision
– Blue print and documents management achievements

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