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Gas, Oil & Chemicals Quality Control and Inspections

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TTS provides a broad range of quality control and assurance services to the energy and commodities industries conducted according to all relevant domestic and international standards.

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Some of the product category areas we cater for include: oil and gas drilling equipment, offshore oil exploitation facilities, ground processing equipment, surface gathering and transportation pipeline, oil refining, chemical industries, ethylene, fertilizer, etc.

Whatever your related business, we partner with you to develop a customized quality assurance program that best ensures alignment with your supply chain strategies.

Our services include

1. Procurement consulting and supply chain management (engineering procurement construction management)

The design phase includes consultation and project risk assessment. Procurement phase includes supplier assessment, factory inspection and port inspection and construction phase include technical manpower support, on-site quality and schedule management, HSE management, non-destructive testing, and in-service inspection of production facilities and equipment.

2. TPI technical service: Supervision & inspection, Factory expediting, port and container loading supervision, drilling and platform services

3. Certification, personnel training & consultation services EN10204-3.2 certificate, third party certification of welding procedure qualification

4. Product test technical service

5. On-site HR support service

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