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Grain Inspections, testing and Audits

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TTS is a world-leading third-party inspection company. With a wealth of experience, we ensure fast, quality and reliable testing of grain, wheat, soybean, corn and rice and much more. We use state of the art testing methods and in-house industry experts to provide an extensive range of premium services.

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Grain Inspection Services

Our grain inspections are bespoke based on the different production status of the goods, preventing any risks and delays. This gives ample time for results of quality testing so that your goods can meet with purchase orders.

The inspections that we cover are

Pre-shipment Inspection
Sampling Services
Loading Supervision/Discharging Supervision
Survey/Damage Survey

Grain Supplier Audits

Our onsite factory audits will assist in developing a deeper understanding of your needs. Giving valuable insight to which suppliers fit best to achieve your business objectives. We also evaluate suppliers based on the criteria which are required.

Criteria such as

Social Compliance Audits
Factory Technical Capability Audits
Food Hygiene Audits

Grain Testing

We provide several forms of grain analysis, which aligns with international and national standards, confirming if these products are following contracts and regulations. To do this, we provide in-depth testing of products to detect contaminations.

These tests include

NON-GMO Testing
Physical Testing
Chemical Component Analysis

Microbiological Test
Sensory Test
Nutrition testing

Grain Supervision Services

As well as inspection, we provide supervision services to assist in monitoring product goods through each process from creation, transport, and destruction, assuring correct protocol and best practices are upheld at every stage.

Supervision services include

Warehouse Supervision
Transportation Supervision
Fumigation Supervision
Witness Destruction

TTS provides an unparalleled quality service ensuring your products are safe, compliant and in line with industry regulations.

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