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Pesticide Inspection Services

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Fumigation products and pesticides are under strict regulations for the protection of consumers. Due to this, extensive substance compliance and secure storage are necessary. Rigorous testing is also required to make sure certain food products do not have any remaining pesticide residue, ensuring safety upon delivery. TTS ensures your fumigation products are safely managed and food products are tested for pesticides, guaranteeing compliance with local regulations.

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Thorough inspections and testing are carried out using state of the art technology and practices that are done in an efficient and timely manner, allowing for a smooth process avoiding any delays.

The primary inspection services are

Pre-shipment Inspections
Sampling Services
Loading Supervision/Discharging

Pesticide Audits

Choosing the right factory is an essential part of finding a safe and efficient supplier to partner with. We will conduct in-depth audits on the social and technological aspects to evaluate their abilities and compatibility.

These audits cover

Social Compliance
Factory Technical Capability

Pesticide Testing

Fresh agriculture products are the most likely to contain pesticide residue. Due to this, we provide in-depth testing using state of the art tools and practices such as liquid and gas chronology to analyse food products for traces of pesticide.

These tests include

Physical Testing
Chemical Component Analysis
Microbiological Test
Sensory Test
Nutrition testing

Government Mandatory Services

Some governing bodies have stricter regulations that must be followed and respected. We work to ensure your goods are up to code for these countries, allowing your goods safe and efficient import into the country.

Government mandatory services such as

Pakistan PSI for Agricultural Pesticides

TTS prides itself in quality testing and audits regarding pesticides and fumigation.

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