Have you learned the basic knowledge of non-resistant product certification?

The non-resistant certification includes three contents: non-resistant breeding and non-resistant products (breeding + feed + products).

Non-resistant breeding refers to the use of antibiotics for disease prevention and treatment in the process of livestock, poultry and aquaculture. Different ages are carried out through other effective prevention and treatment methods to improve the livestock and poultry environment. It is carried out in accordance with GAP control requirements. It is necessary to test the antibiotics in livestock, poultry and aquatic products. The index is qualified and the certificate is issued.

Non-resistant products include products processed through the purchase of non-resistant livestock, poultry and aquatic raw materials, such as non-resistant beef jerky, non-resistant duck tongue, non-resistant duck paw, non-resistant dried fish, etc., which require on-site inspection, targeted product testing, and issuance of certificates after passing.


Non-resistant products may also include non-resistant feed. The additives in the feed promise not to use antibiotics. After on-site inspection and passing the test, a certificate will be issued.

Non-resistant certification is a full-chain certification, which requires control from the source feed to livestock and poultry breeding, aquaculture, processing and other links, cooperation with qualified laboratories, and on-site audits and on-site product sampling and inspection with certification companies with voluntary certification qualifications.After passing the qualification, a non-resistant certification certificate will be issued, which will be valid for one year, and will be reviewed and certified again every other year.

1. What is non-resistant product certification?

Certify products obtained by feeding on feed that does not contain anti-microbial drugs, and breeding without the use of anti-microbial drugs and therapeutic measures.At present, it is mainly certified for egg and poultry farming and its products, aquaculture and its products.

The non-resistance involved in the certification of non-resistant products refers to the non-use of anti-microbial drugs (Announcement No. 1997 of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China in 2013 "Catalogue of Veterinary Prescription Drugs (First Batch)", Announcement No. 2471 of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China stipulates the category of anti-microbial drugs) and anti-coccidiomycosis drugs.

2. The benefits of non-resistant product certification of agricultural products

1.Through multi-angle technical research on the industry, it is determined that the breeding process can achieve products that do not use anti-microbial drugs through technical means.

2.The certified products and output can be tracked and anti-counterfeiting can be carried out through the traceability system.

3. Use the concept of healthy and safe food to build the market's trust in agricultural products and their enterprises, build the added value of agricultural products from the perspective of safety, avoid homogenization, and enhance the market competitiveness of products and enterprises.


3. The conditions that enterprises should meet when applying for non-resistant product certification

1.Provide enterprise business license, animal epidemic prevention certificate, land use right certificate, aquaculture drinking water in line with GB 5749 standard and other qualification documents.

2.There is no parallel production in the same breeding base, and anti-microbial drugs and feed containing anti-microbial drugs cannot be used after the transfer of the group or during the production cycle.

3. Other conditions to be met for the acceptance of certification applications.

The following is the basic process of non-resistant certification:


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