Why CE certification is required for export to the EU

With the continuous development of globalization, the cooperation between EU countries has become increasingly close. In order to better protect the rights and interests of domestic enterprises and consumers, EU countries require that imported goods must pass CE certification. This is because CE is a basic safety product verification plan implemented by the European Standards Commission, which aims to promote the consistency of product quality, environmental protection level and other aspects in trade between member countries.


1: Purpose of EU CE certification 

The purpose of EU certification is to ensure that products comply with relevant safety standards, so that consumers can get reliable and stable protection. The CE mark represents a quality assurance system, which contains a commitment to the safety of the product. That is, when the product may cause personal injury and property loss in the process of production or use, the enterprise is obliged to assume the liability for compensation and pay compensation. 

This means that CE certification is of great significance to manufacturers because it can help them prove that they have fulfilled their corresponding legal obligations and can protect the interests of consumers. 

In addition, by strengthening product quality control and ensuring that products meet the requirements of relevant safety standards, it also helps to promote the development of industry norms and improve brand awareness and image. Therefore, from this perspective, exporters choose CE certification for their own benefit. 

2. Advantages of CE certification for machinery, toys, electronic appliances, building materials and other products 

CE certification is a necessary condition for products to be sold in the market as stipulated by EU laws. It mainly includes three aspects: product quality, use safety and environmental protection requirements. 

For the machinery and toy industry, obtaining CE certification means that the manufacturing enterprise can meet the requirements of European regulations and obtain corresponding product certificates; However, the electronic and electrical industry needs to carry out strict inspection and testing by a third-party testing agency to ensure that there are no potential safety hazards or environmental problems in the products. It can be seen that obtaining CE certification is of great significance to enterprises. 

However, CE certification is not perfect. Due to the current rapid economic development, strong demand for export trade and fierce market competition in China, if enterprises fail to meet the above requirements in time, they will face the risk of a large number of order losses. Therefore, in order to improve their competitiveness, enterprises should not only seriously abide by European laws and regulations, but also strive to improve the product quality level, strive to reach the standard as soon as possible, so as to smoothly enter the international market. 

3: Why are all exports subject to CE certification? 

The purpose of EU certification is to ensure that products meet EU standards and pass the European market. The meaning of CE mark is “safety, health and environmental protection”. All exports to EU countries must obtain the CE certificate, so as to enter the European market. 

The CE mark is very important for machinery, toys and electronic appliances because it involves human life safety and environmental protection. Without CE certification, these products cannot be called “green products” or “environmental products”. In addition, the CE mark can help enterprises improve their image and attract consumers to buy. In addition, the CE mark can also make enterprises more competitive in the market. 

In addition, CE certification is also of political significance for all exports to the EU. As an international organization, the EU needs cooperation among its member countries to play a greater role. If a Chinese enterprise wants to enter the EU market, it should first pass the test of the certification system. Only through CE certification can access permit be obtained and then enter the European market. 

Therefore, Chinese enterprises must attach importance to this certification before preparing to enter the EU market.

Post time: Mar-16-2023

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