Preparatory work for foreign trade customers to come to the factory for

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1: Confirm with the customer the first piece of packaging, the first piece of product appearance and function, and the first sample to sign, which means that the inspection of bulk goods should be based on the signed sample.

Two: Confirm the inspection standards and specifications with the customer, and feedback to the engineering quality inspection department.

(1) Confirm the AQL level of the following three shortcomings with the customer:

Serious shortcomings (Cri): refers to the shortcomings of potential safety hazards for customers to use

Main disadvantages (Maj): Disadvantages that affect the normal purchase and use of users

Minor disadvantages (min): There is a little defect but it does not affect the user’s purchase and use

(Definition of the level of unqualified change: Class A: must be changed before shipment; Class B: change is suspended; Class C: program problem, cannot be changed in a short time)

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(2) Confirm the inspection method with the customer

1. Packaging ratio for bulk inspection (for example, 80% packaging, 20% unpacking)

2. Sampling ratio

3. The ratio of unpacking, whether to use new packaging or cover with sealing stickers after unpacking, the cover and sealing stickers will be ugly, and generally customers will not accept it. If new packaging is used, it is necessary to confirm the unpacking ratio with customers in advance. , prepare more product packaging.

(3) Confirm the inspection items and standards with the customer

1. Customers may use our inspection standards from the factory

2. Customers may use their company’s standards, so they need to ask customers for standard documents in advance, and give them to their own company’s quality inspection department.

Three: Confirm the specific time, personnel and contact information of the customer to inspect the goods, get in touch with them, understand their needs, help to book wine points, and arrange pick-up and drop-off.

Four: Start the inspection process of the inspection.

Points – Sampling – Disassembly – Inspection, Appearance & Function – Report – Internal Confirmation and Signature

Five: If the unqualified is rejected by the customer

If it is unfortunately rejected by the customer, record the customer’s requirements and suggestions, and discuss solutions with the factory to try to satisfy the customer. The larger the customer, the more concerned about some details, and must communicate in time.

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