important knowledge points for factory inspection

p11. What are the categories of human rights inspections? How to understand?

Answer: Human rights audits are divided into corporate social responsibility audits and customer-side standard audits.

(1) Corporate social responsibility audit means that the standard-setting party authorizes a third-party organization to audit the enterprises that must pass a certain standard;
(2) Customer-side standard review means that foreign buyers conduct social responsibility reviews of domestic companies in accordance with their designated corporate code of conduct before placing an order, mainly focusing on the direct review of the implementation of labor standards.
2. What are the general standards for corporate social responsibility audits?
Answer: BSCI—Business Social Compliance Initiative (advocating business circles to comply with social responsibility organizations), Sedex—Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (supplier business ethics information exchange), FLA—Fair Labor Association (American Fair Labor Association), WCA (Working Environment Assessment ).
3. What are the standards for the client’s standard audit?
Answer: Disney (ILS) Global Labor Standards, Costco (COC) Corporate Code of Conduct.
4. In the inspection of the “zero tolerance” item in the factory inspection, what conditions should be met before the zero tolerance problem can be considered to exist?
Answer: The following conditions must be met to be considered a “zero tolerance” issue:
(1) Openly appearing during the review;
(2) is a fact and has been proven.
Confidentiality opinion: If the auditor seriously suspects that a zero-tolerance problem has occurred, but it does not appear blatantly during the audit, the auditor will record the suspicious problem in the “Implementation Outline of Confidentiality Opinion” column of the audit report.
5. What is a “three-in-one” place?
Answer: Refers to the building where accommodation and one or more functions of production, warehousing and operation are illegally mixed in the same space. The same building space can be an independent building or a part of a building, and there is no effective fire separation between accommodation and other functions.


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