Disable now! The total amount of heavy metal lead and phthalates in the hundreds of pairs of shoes of BELLE exceeded the standard

Guangyi Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. recalls models 180 (1.5), 185 (1.5), 190 (1.5), 195 (1.5), 200 (1.5) produced between December 20, 2021 and December 22, 2021 ), 205 (1.5), 210 (1.5), 215 (1.5), 220 (1.5), "BELLE" children's injection-molded shoes with batch number R21932, involving 360 pairs.


The reason for the recall is that the total amount of heavy metal lead and the content of phthalates do not meet the requirements of GB30585-2014 "Safety Technical Specifications for Children's Shoes", which may cause harm to children's health. The solution asks consumers to stop using the product immediately, and Guangyi Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will post a recall plan in the sales store and arrange for a return.


Post time: Sep-21-2022

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