What products does PSE certification cover?


Japan PSE certification is a product safety certification conducted by the Japan Institute of Industrial Technology (referred to as: PSE). This certification applies to many electronic and information technology products, ensuring that they comply with Japanese safety regulations and can be sold and used in the Japanese market. After the product passes PSE certification, it can be legally sold and used in the Japanese market.

PSE is called “Suitability Inspection” in Japan. It is Japan’s compulsory market access system for electrical appliances. It is an important content stipulated in Japan’s “Electrical Appliances Safety Law”. This certification is similar to China’s CCC certification.

According to the Japanese Electrical Appliances Safety Law, its certified products are divided into: specific electrical appliances and non-specific electrical appliances. 

▶All products belonging to the “Specified Electrical Appliances” catalog entering the Japanese market must be certified by a third-party certification agency authorized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, obtain a certification certificate, and have a diamond-shaped PSE mark affixed to the label.

▶For products that fall under the category of “non-specific electrical supplies”, the company must pass self-test or third-party certification agency testing, and declare independently that it meets the requirements of the Electrical Safety Law, save the test results and certificates, and affix a circular label on the label. PSE logo.



The scope of certification for specific electrical supplies is divided into ten categories:

Wires and cables, fuses, wiring equipment (electrical accessories, lighting appliances, etc.), current limiters, transformers, ballasts, electric heating appliances, electric power application machinery and equipment (household appliances), electronic application machinery and equipment (high frequency hair removal devices ), other AC electrical machinery (electric insect killers, DC power supply devices), portable engines;

The scope of non-specific electrical supplies certification is eleven categories:

Wires and cables, fuses, wiring equipment, transformers, ballasts, wire tubes, small AC motors, electric heating appliances, electric power application machinery and equipment (paper shredders), light source application machinery and equipment (projectors, copies), electronics Applied mechanical equipment (video recorders, televisions), other AC electrical machinery, and lithium batteries.


Post time: Dec-26-2023

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