What products does FCC certification for the US station cover and how to apply for it?

The full name of FCC is Federal Communications Commission, and Chinese is the Federal Communications Commission of the United States. The FCC coordinates domestic and international communications by controlling radio broadcasts, television, telecommunications, satellites and cables.


Many radio application products, communication products and digital products require FCC approval to enter the US market. In particular, electronic and electrical products, including computers and computer accessories, household appliances, power tools, lamps, toys, security, etc., require FCC mandatory certification.

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一.What forms does FCC certification include?


There are two authentication methods for FCC ID

1) The cost of sending products to TCB institutions in the United States for testing is relatively high. This method is basically not chosen in China, and few companies choose to do so;

2) The product is sent to an FCC authorized laboratory for testing and a test report is issued. The laboratory sends the test report to the American TCB agency for review and certification.

At present, this method is mainly used in China.


Starting from November 2, 2017, the FCC SDoC certification program will replace the original FCC VoC and FCC DoC certification methods.

SDoC stands for Supplier's Declaration of Conformity. The equipment supplier (note: the supplier must be a local company in the United States) will test the equipment that meets the specified standards or requirements. Equipment that meets the regulations must provide relevant documents (such as the SDoC declaration document). ) provides evidence to the public.

The FCC SDoC certification program allows the use of electronic labels while reducing cumbersome import declaration requirements.


二. Which products require FCC certification?

FCC regulations: Electronic and electrical products operating at a frequency above 9 kHz must be FCC certified

1. FCC certification of power supply: communication power supply, switching power supply, charger, display power supply, LED power supply, LCD power supply, uninterruptible power supply UPS, etc.;

2.FCC certification of lighting fixtures: chandeliers, track lights, garden lights, portable lamps, downlights, LED street lights, light strings, table lamps, LED spotlights, LED bulbs

Lamps, grille lights, aquarium lights, street lights, LED tubes, LED lamps, energy-saving lamps, T8 tubes, etc.;

3. FCC certification for home appliances: fans, electric kettles, stereos, TVs, mice, vacuum cleaners, etc.;

4. Electronic FCC certification: headphones, routers, mobile phone batteries, laser pointers, vibrators, etc.;

5. FCC certification for communication products: telephones, wired telephones and wireless master and auxiliary machines, fax machines, answering machines, modems, data interface cards and other communication products.

6. FCC certification for wireless products: Bluetooth BT products, tablet computers, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless readers, wireless transceivers, wireless walkie-talkies, wireless microphones, remote controls, wireless network devices, wireless image transmission systems and other low-power wireless Products, etc.;

7. FCC certification of wireless communication products: 2G mobile phones, 3G mobile phones, 3.5G mobile phones, DECT mobile phones (1.8G, 1.9G frequency), wireless walkie-talkies, etc.;

 Machinery FCC certification: gasoline engines, electric welding machines, CNC drilling machines, tool grinders, lawn mowers, washing equipment, bulldozers, lifts, drilling machines, dishwashers, water treatment equipment, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, rotary drilling rigs, grass cutting Machines, snowplows, excavators, presses, printers, cutters, rollers, smoothers, brush cutters, hair straighteners, food machinery, lawn mowers, etc.


三.What is the FCC certification process?

1. Make an application

1) FCC ID: application form, product list, instruction manual, schematic diagram, circuit diagram, block diagram, working principle and functional description;

2) FCC SDoC: Application form.

2. Send samples for testing: Prepare 1-2 prototypes.

3. Laboratory test: After passing the test, complete the report and submit it to the FCC authorized agency for review.

4. The FCC authorized agency passes the review and issues an FCC certificate.

5. After the company obtains the certificate, it can use the FCC mark on its products.  ‍


四. How long does FCC certification take?

1) FCC ID: about 2 weeks.

2) FCC SDoC: about 5 working days.

There are many products that require FCC certification when sold on Amazon's US site. If you can't tell which products require FCC ID and which ones fall within the scope of FCC SDoC, please feel free to communicate.

Post time: Dec-21-2023

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