Testing and certification related to lighting products

Lamps are also called electric light sources. Electric light sources are devices that produce visible light using current products. It is the most common form of artificial lighting and is vital to modern society; lamps usually have a base made of ceramic, metal, glass or plastic, which secures the lamp in the lamp holder.  In recent years, with the strengthening of domestic design and research and development, China's lighting products have become more and more diverse, which are very popular in global trade and account for a large proportion. In the fiercely competitive lighting market, if you want to build a brand and improve product competitiveness, improving product quality is a very critical factor. Therefore, before lighting products are put into the market, they need to be verified in multiple dimensions, such as safety, lumen, energy efficiency, etc. What kind of testing and certification will be involved in lighting products?


Lighting fixtures certification service products

LED-Driver, LED Lamp, street lamp, lamp tube, decorative lamp, spotlight lamp, LED lamp, table lamp, street lamp, panel lamp, bulb lamp, light bar, spotlight, track lamp, industrial and mining lamp, flashlight, wall washer lamp, Floodlights, tunnel lights, downlights, corn lights, stage lights, PAR lights, LED tree lights, Christmas lights, outdoor lights, underwater lights, fish tank lights, garden lights, chandeliers, cabinet lights, wall lights, chandeliers, headlights, Emergency lights, warning lights, indicator lights, night lights, energy-saving lamps, crystal lamps, hernia lamps, halogen lamps, tungsten lamps...

Certification involved in LED export

Energy efficiency certification: Energy Star certification, US DLC certification, US DOE certification, California CEC certification, EU ERP certification, Australian GEMS certification

European certification: EU CE certification, German GS certification, TUV certification, EU rohs directive, EU reach directive, British BS certification, British BEAB certification, Customs Union CU certification

American certifications: US FCC certification, US UL certification, US ETL certification, Canadian CSA certification, Brazilian UC certification, Argentina IRAM certification, Mexico NOM certification

Asian certification: China CCC certification, China CQC certification, South Korea KC/KCC certification, Japan PSE certification, Taiwan BSMI certification, Hong Kong HKSI certification,

Singapore PSB certification, Malaysia SIRIM certification, India BIS certification, Saudi SASO certification

Australian certification: Australian RCM certification, Australian SAA certification, Australian C-tick certification

Other certifications: International CB certification, Swiss S+ certification, South Africa SABS certification, Nigeria SON certification


Relevant standards for LED product testing and certification (part)

Area Standard
Europe EN  60598-1,EN 60598-2 series,EN 61347-1,EN 61347-2 series,EN 60968,EN 62560,EN  60969,EN 60921,EN 60432-1/2/3,EN 62471,EN 62384
North America Ul153,UL1598,UL2108,UL1786,UL1573,UL1574,UL1838,UL496,UL48,UL1993,UL8750,UL935,UL588
Australia AS/NZS  60598.1,AS/NZS 60598.2 series,AS 61347.1,AS/NZS 613472.series
Japan J60598-1,J60598-2 series,J61347-1,J61347-2 series
China GB7000.1,GB7000.2 series,GB  19510. 1,GB19510.2 series
CB certification system IEC  60598-1, IEC 60598-2 series,IEC 60968,IEC 62560,IEC 60969,IEC 60921,IEC 60432-1/2/3,IEC 62471,IEC 62384

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