New version of ISO clothing label standard released

Recently, ISO has released the latest version of the textile and clothing washing water standard ISO 3758:2023. This is the fourth edition of the standard, replacing the third edition of ISO 3758:2012.


The main updates of the textile and clothing washing water standard ISO 3758 2023 are as follows:

1.The scope of application for washing labels has changed: the old version in 2012 was not exempted, but the new version added three types of professional cleaning technology products that can be exempted from washing labels:

1)Non removable covering textiles on upholstered furniture;
2) Non removable textile covering on the mattress;
3) Carpets and carpets that require professional cleaning techniques.


2.The hand washing symbol has been changed, and a new symbol for hand washing at ambient temperature has been added.

3.Added a new symbol for "steam free ironing"

4.The dry cleaning symbol remains unchanged, but there are changes to the corresponding symbol text description

5.The symbol "not washable" has been changed

6.The symbol "non bleachable" has been changed

7.The symbol "not ironable" has been changed

Post time: May-15-2024

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