Main product certifications for the Russian market

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The main product certifications in the Russian market include the following:


1.GOST certification: GOST (Russian National Standard) certification is a mandatory certification in the Russian market and is applicable to multiple product fields. It ensures that products meet Russian safety, quality and standards requirements and bear the Russian stamp of approval.

2.TR certification: TR (technical regulations) certification is a certification system stipulated in Russian law and is applicable to products in multiple fields. TR certification ensures that products meet Russian technical and safety requirements in order to obtain permission to sell in the Russian market.

3. EAC certification: EAC (Eurasian Economic Union Certification) is a certification system suitable for countries such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. It represents recognition within the Eurasian Economic Union and ensures that products comply with relevant technical and safety standards.

4.Fire Safety certification: Fire Safety certification is a Russian certification for fire protection and fire safety products. It ensures that products comply with Russian fire protection and safety requirements, including fire protection equipment, building materials and electrical products.

5.Hygiene certification: Hygiene certification (certification by the Russian Hygienic and Epidemiological Supervision Service) is applicable to products involving food, beverages, cosmetics and daily consumer goods. This certification ensures that the product meets Russian hygiene and health standards.

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The above are some of the main product certifications in the Russian market. Depending on the specific products and industries, there may be other specific certification requirements. Before obtaining market access, the fastest and most effective way is to consult our domestic professional testing The organization will receive all certification information.

Post time: Mar-05-2024

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