How do you evaluate the quality of plastic phone cases? Do you have any quality standards?

The material of plastic phone cases is generally PC (i.e. PVC) or ABS, which is usually processed from raw materials. The raw materials are PC cases that have not been processed and can be used for processes such as oil spraying, skin patching, silk screen printing, and water sticker. The most commonly used process on the market is oil spraying+water sticker, which can print various patterns.


The quality standards can refer to this material and advanced standards for fuel injection:

source material:

1. The material selection for the phone case is pure PC material, without adding recycled materials, without ABS, PP and other mixtures. The product will not break under pressure, and proof of raw materials must be provided.
2. The tablet case can be made of PC mixed ABS material or ABS pure material, and the product can withstand a pressure of over 40 degrees without breaking. The raw material certificate must also be provided.
3. Before the production process, it is best for the factory to conduct a full inspection of the materials without delamination, breakage, etc., and to control the trimming, product batch sewing, and burrs within a certain range.


Advanced standards for fuel injection technology:

1. The primer and topcoat have passed the hundred grid test and reached the A-level standard (each grid paint has no drop);
2. Wear resistance test, press a 500G weight on a white cloth and rub it back 50 times. The paint does not peel off;
3. At high and low temperatures, in a high humidity environment of 60 ℃ and -15 ℃, the paint will not stick, discolor, or crack for 8 hours;
4. No color change after 8 hours of sunshine;
5. The topcoat must be wiped with dry, water, white oil, or alcohol (using a 500G weight, 50 times, white cloth) without changing color or fading;
6. Surface particles should not exceed 0.3 millimeters;
Soak in hot water at 7.80 degrees Celsius for 4 hours, the water remains unchanged and does not change color;
8. The surface of the product has no severe scratches, no missed spraying, and no serious stains;
9. Press a 500G weight onto 3M adhesive tape and stick it onto the product. After 24 hours at a high temperature of 60 degrees, the adhesive tape will not change color;
10. Drop test, the product undergoes free fall motion from a height of 1.5 meters, and there is no blocky cracking or bursting on the paint surface.

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