During the epidemic, go out and disinfect clothes like this


During the period of home isolation, the frequency of going out has been greatly reduced, but it is inevitable to go out to do nucleic acid or collect materials. How to disinfect our clothes after every time we go out? What is a safer way to do it?

No need for daily disinfection

Experts pointed out that the probability of the virus infecting people by contaminating clothing is extremely low. If they have not been to specific places (such as visiting a hospital, visiting a patient, or being in contact with people with suspicious symptoms), the general public does not need to specialize clothing. disinfect.

Clothing disinfection can be done

If you feel that the coat may be contaminated (for example, you have been to the hospital, visited patients, etc.), you need to disinfect the coat, first of all, you should try to use physical disinfection. If physical disinfection is not applicable, chemical disinfection can be used.


If the sink is underlined, it means you need to use a milder washing program l GB/T 8685-2008 “Textiles. Specification for maintenance labels. Symbol law”

GB/T 8685-2008 “Textiles. Maintenance Label Specifications. Symbol Law” lists 6 kinds of washing temperatures, of which 3 kinds can meet the disinfection temperature requirements


To use dry sterilization, you need to pay attention to the flip dry symbol on the label.

If there are 2 dots in the circle of the symbol, it means that the drying temperature of 80°C is acceptable.


For clothing that is not resistant to high temperature, chemical disinfectants can be used to soak and disinfect.

Common disinfectants include phenolic disinfectants, quaternary ammonium salts disinfectants, and chlorine-containing disinfectants represented by 84 disinfectant. All three types of disinfectants can be used for clothing disinfection, but they must be operated according to the dosage of the instructions.

These three disinfectants also have their own shortcomings, so be careful when using them. Phenolic disinfectants sometimes stain synthetic fiber materials, which may discolor them. Chlorine-containing disinfectants such as 84 disinfectant may have a fading effect on clothing and will bleach. Quaternary ammonium salt disinfectants, if used together with anionic surfactants such as washing powder and soap, will fail on both sides, neither disinfecting nor cleaning. Therefore, the disinfectant should be selected according to the actual situation.

Post time: Aug-15-2022

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