Detailed Introduction to Amazon CPC Certification in the United States

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What is Amazon CPC certification in the United States?

CPC certification is a children’s product safety certificate, which is applicable to products primarily targeted at children aged 12 and below. Amazon in the United States requires all children’s toys and products to provide a children’s product CPC certificate.

How to handle Amazon CPC certification?

1. Provide product information

2. Fill out the application form

3. Send samples for testing

4. Test passed

5. Issuing certificates and reports

How to check the CPC qualifications of third-party testing institutions?

Firstly, Amazon and customs only accept CPC testing reports issued by accredited laboratories,

Then determine whether the third-party laboratory is a legitimate and recognized laboratory,

Inquire if the laboratory has CPSC authorization and what is the authorization number

Log in to the official website of CPSC in the United States, enter the authorization number for inquiry, and verify the laboratory qualification information.

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Why did the CPC certification review not pass?

The failure of CPC certification submission review is generally due to incomplete or mismatched information. Common reasons include:

1. SKU or ASIN information mismatch

2. Certification standards and products do not match

3. Lack of US domestic importer information

4. Laboratory information incorrect or not recognized

5. The product editing page did not fill in the CPSIA warning attribute

6. The product lacks safety information or compliance marks (traceability code)


What are the consequences of not doing CPC certification?

The Consumer Product Safety Association (CPSC) of the United States has been upgraded to a participating government agency that will assist and strengthen U.S. customs cargo inspections

1. If it is spot checked by US customs, the detention will be initiated and it will not be released until CPC certification is submitted

2. If the listing is forcibly delisted by Amazon, a CPC must be submitted and approved before it can be relisted

What is the general cost of CPC certification?

The cost of CPC certification mainly includes the cost of mechanical, physical, and chemical testing, among which the testing of the chemical part is mainly calculated based on the material of the product.

Post time: Apr-15-2024

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