Channels and methods for developing foreign trade customers

When doing foreign trade, everyone will think of various ways to find customers. In fact, as long as you are willing to pay attention, there are indeed many ways to find customers in foreign trade.

From the starting point of a foreign trade salesman, not to mention the customer development channels that require a lot of investment, but to constantly improve yourself and learn to use Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to actively search and develop customers.



6 major channels for foreign trade salesmen to develop customers

It is understandable that one of the things that foreign trade salesmen are concerned about is how to develop more effective customers in today's fierce competition. Foreign trade salesmen will collect some information about buyers through various channels. The following is a summary of the experience of some channels. Let's share it together.

1. Develop customers through SEO promotion and bidding promotion Optimize rankings through some official websites, be sure to rank high, and then wait for customers to actively search for us. If the keyword can reach the first two pages of the Google website, it will definitely bring a lot of traffic. Through the bidding promotion of some search engines, this product can be promoted, and customers' inquiries can be obtained at the same time. Generally, powerful companies will consider using this method, which can improve the conversion rate and reduce some costs.

First, through the SEO optimization of the company's official website, we can obtain a relatively high ranking in search engines, and then wait for customers to search to obtain active queries. If you can make the main keywords of the industry into the first two pages of Google, it will bring a lot of traffic and inquiries.

The second is to expose products through the bidding promotion of search engines such as Google for a fee, and to obtain inquiries from customers at the same time. Powerful companies can consider this approach. According to the key development market and country, enterprises can control the advertising area and delivery time, which can improve the conversion rate and reduce the cost.


Facebook、Linkedin、Instagram、Etc. development skills and methods

Why do foreign trade stations need to divert traffic from SNS platforms? For example, Facebook has 2 billion users, and the total number of Internet users in the world is only 3 billion. Excluding the 800 million in China, basically all users who can access the Internet all over the world use Facebook. Think about it, do you have customers? Also on Facebook?

1. Widespread by engaging content

2. Attract interested fans

3. Create content for fans

4. Expand the scope of transmission and repeat

01-Instagram development method:

1. Register an account, improve personal information, profile, contact information, website pages, etc.;

2. Insist on posting, choose high-quality pictures and videos to upload, and it is recommended to post 1-2 per day. Learn to use words, so that the posts you publish will be recommended to people who follow this topic in addition to those you follow;


Is actively developing customers good or bad? What are the benefits of proactive customer development?

So what are the benefits of proactive customer development?

First: Use the advantage of quantity to create more transaction opportunities When we settled in Alibaba International Station, we found that we could only wait for customers to come to inquire, and there may only be one or two inquiries for several days. And even if there are inquiries, most people just ask for the price. After asking you, he may ask your peers again, which will keep the price very low, the competition is very fierce, and the transaction volume is very small, which makes us very passive. Therefore, we need to take the initiative to find the mailboxes of a large number of foreign customers and send high-quality inquiry information. Only in this way can there be more opportunities for transactions.


Do you really master the seven skills of foreign trade people to find customers?

1. Keyword method Select appropriate keywords to directly search for the purchase information released by potential customers. Because Chinese vocabulary is rich, when choosing keywords, you may wish to use synonyms or synonyms. In addition, when it comes to the industry, pay attention to the industry terms in English and your favorite expressions for this product. For example, fruit pineapples are generally used pineapple, but there are also many foreign businessmen who like to use ananas. Learn more about some relevant industry English, which will help you receive information. There is a little trick to determine which of several synonyms is more popular internationally and more commonly used. It is to go to Google search separately to see which one gets more pages, especially professional websites have more pages. This can not only serve as a reference for searching for information in the future, but also serve as a reference for the words used when communicating with foreign businessmen in the future. Directly using keywords to find supply and demand information will naturally provide more, more professional and more detailed information than B2B websites.

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